What's FleetMotus?

About FleetMotus.

FleetMotus by RSG Engineering is a range of vehicle tracking devices that monitor and manage driver information ranging from a single vehicle to a whole fleet via a localy hosted or web based server. Live vehicle tracking with 20 second updates via sms and/or email alerts.

Advanced Features

The Vehicle Utilisation, Driver Behaviour and overall Fleet Management features and services provided by the FleetMotus system will deliver you the tools required to monitor your fleet, streamline its deployment and reduce accident damage and abuse of your vehicles. This regular and automated monitoring has been proven to save money from day one with quoted savings being around 25% reduction in accidents and a saving of 20% in fuel costs alone.

Resource Tracking

- Manage incidents more effectively by displaying the location of vehicles in near real time on the map. A live view of the entire vehicle fleet gives you control, the best vehicle can be dispatched for a job and specific vehicles can be followed when required. Alerts and notifications are instantly available in the application.

History Data
- View or Replay the journey and activity details of vehicles or drivers to invesetigate or as evidence that certain activities have been carried out. For Areas are patrolled adequately, key POI's visited at the correct time and emergency equipment used appropriately and adaquetly.

Extensive Reporting
- Reports for most common business requirements are delivered within FleetMotus to help you analyze and improve your business or fleet. You can use the FleetMotus Reporting framework to configure additional reports based on any data in the platform. Reports can be presented directly in the web browser or scheduled and sent over email. In Addition, RSG can configure custom reports to meet all your needs*.

Driver ID
- Identify the person driving vehicles to ensure that the vehicles are only being used by authorised drivers and the correct level of driver as well. FleetMotus can collect idenfitcation information from a range of standard units such as HID, I-Button etc. Custom Driver ID systems can be integrated at request.

Driver Behaviour Management
- The Driver Behaviour plugin measures harsh driving, speeding and idling and it produces an “behaviour” score for each vehicle and/or driver. You can reduce vehicle wear and save money by minimizing the environmental impact of your vehicle fleet while also making sure your drivers are keeping to the high level of driving standards you require and improving road safety. The Driver can recieve instant in-vehicle feedback on their performance (dependent on system) but also will recieve a summary report to give them an insight on their Driving Behaviour for that time period.

Vehicle Management Information
- Monitor Vehicle information throught out the system such as Fuel Used*, Odometer etc at a touch of button. Use the system to import or export maintenance schedules and to sync with platforms such as Tranman etc. The Maintenance plugin keeps track of when your vehicles are due for service. It shows a maintenance status overview and sends notifications when vehicles pass service intervals.

Dispatch via FMI (Sat Nav)
- The dispatch plugin makes it easy to create jobs for workers and find and assign the closest available vehicle to complete the task.

And so much more...